"This fifties-inspired boutique has undergone several reincarnations through the years first as a local hangout for enfants terribles like Lou Reed and Debbie Harry in the seventies, then as a destination for full-on rocker-chic ensembles on St. Marks in the eighties. Now settled into a slim space on Second Avenue, Enzs has reinvented itself once again as an outfitter of modern-day pinups and rockabillies. The shop is known for its weekly shuffle of nipped-waist dresses, most designed by owner Mariann Marlowe. The selection includes full-skirted dresses in bright prints, retro, patterned aprons, burlesque bathing suits, and unusual accessories like Dia de Los Muertos cocktail rings and charm bracelets. Punk nuances like skull-stamped T-shirts and handbags hint at the shops angsty past, but the aesthetic also surfaces in softer standouts, like the macabre line of faded, rose-embellished jewelry by Tarina Tarantino. And for those looking to accessorize beyond the wall of sharp clutches and leather Tano bags, button-down greaser shirts and black cotton tees are on hand for the men buying you a beer (or a milkshake) later." 

Genevieve Leon

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125 2nd Ave. New York, NY 10003
Shop: (212) 228-1943

Cell:   (917) 841-5989

Mon-Sat 12pm-7pm

We are now closing at 7. Appointments are welcomed!

Sun 1pm-7pm (or call for an appointment)

Email us at mickymarlowe@msn.com